Product Carbon Footprint

You want to determine and optimize the carbon footprint of your products (PCF)? You want to develop a new machine with reduced PCF and reduced manufacturing costs? You are requested by your customers to state the PCF of your components?

Mechanical and plant engineering

We have the methodology to calculate the product carbon footprint for your machine or machine component and calculate the CO2 emissions associated with the manufacture of your product based on the individual components in the parts list. If you wish, we can also take the use phase of the machine into account in the calculation. Since we calculate the CO2 emissions of the individual components and assemblies in the first step, drivers are identified directly and the footprint can be optimized in a targeted manner. Changes in the supply chain, e.g. through alternative suppliers, can be taken into account directly. In parallel, we analyze the manufacturing costs. Many measures that lead to a reduction of the PCF go hand in hand with reduced manufacturing costs.

The next step is to implement the measures that have been developed. Here, we rely on consistent monitoring of the savings achieved.

Component and part suppliers

Increasingly, information on the carbon footprint of parts and components is being requested from suppliers via the purchasing departments of machine and plant manufacturers. Often this information is not available. Our methodology for calculating the PCF can also be used for individual components and smaller assemblies. The specific features of the suppliers can be taken into account, e.g. the energy mix used.

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